WGY group was formed in 1993 by Wayne Gardner-Young. The Scottish based company can trace its origins from the late eighties as a residential property landlord and building company. The company has reinvented itself numerous times and has finally created the foundations for a large investment and trading company in the leisure and property sector. The company has approximately £60 million of investments and developments through out Scotland employing 175 people.

Entrepreneur, Wayne Gardner-Young, has moulded the businesses to create today’s format.

It specialises in letting of commercial industrial units from 800 sq feet to 12000 sq feet and it also lets commercial storage yards.

Its main area for this activity is central Scotland especially West Lothian where it is one of the largest landlords with over 100 units.

Its niche market is to buy partially built residential development sites. These sites are then completed and sold at a discount to first time buyers or investors.

The company also owns an inert land fill site in Bathgate.

WGY group’s main shareholders are also involved with the ownership and development of hotels and nightclubs.